Introduction to the Visual Montessori Preschool Curriculum

Have you been searching for the perfect preschool curriculum online?

Well, you are in the right place!

As a mom with a Master's Degree, even I was struggling to make sense of all the free printables, crafts, and messy play I found for my two preschool aged kids online. Frustrated by all the chaos I set out to create a curriculum based upon a structure that would be easy to follow and understand. I found what I was looking for in the teachings of Maria Montessori. Once I understood the wisdom of her scientific research, I vowed to make it easier for preschool moms and teachers who are searching for solutions in places like Pinterest or Google. 

I'm here to help you make sense of what sorts of activities preschoolers need to be engaging in and at what age. And I'll be using the 12 Sensitive Periods as outlined in Montessori to help you guide your preschooler through the things that will enrich their education at age appropriate levels. 

I'm so passionate about helping others, I'm currently in training to be certified in Montessori and Early Childhood Education.​ And I'll be sharing everything I learn with my readers online. 

But I'm not a trained Preschool Teacher? How could I possibly preschool at home?

Let me tell you a story. My firstborn came at 30 weeks, 10 weeks early and just a tiny bit over 3 lbs. I did not set out to learn everything about preemies until I had him. And since we were scheduled to be in the hospital for many weeks, I learned more about preemie babies than I had ever dreamed.

 I was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) one morning holding my son ​when a 20 year veteran nurse walked in. Seeing the worry on my face, she said to me, "No one will ever know him the way that you do. You will be you child's greatest advocate."

This "preemie" expert was explaining to me my role as "mother". Her words infused me with a sense of purpose and honor. I would be my son's greatest advocate and no one, no Dr. Spock, no book, no Teacher, or any other person on the planet would take that away from me.

And I AM.

And if you are reading this, SO ARE YOU.

Whatever​ your role is in the child's life for whom you are seeking learning experiences, this is you. You are an advocate for the child. There is no single curriculum that has all the answers, but your instinct, when you choose to trust it, will be your guide. 

But I don't know where or how to start?

That's why I am here. I've walked this road with my own kids, and with many other families online, and I am here to help. 

The best way to measure progress is to take a measurement of where you are when you start. Or better yet, what skills does your preschooler already have? From there you can determine what skills you want to help him or her improve.

We will start with a Kindergarten readiness checklist. Should you be using a readiness checklist ​if your child is only two years old? Yes. because it will help you establish a baseline. And, who knows? They may already be great at some things on the list. 

As you progress through the curriculum, use the checklist to callibrate your efforts and adjust activities for the child where you see areas that need more work. For example -- cutting and/or tracing; and later -- reading and writing. ​Just use it once every six months to chart the progress of your preschooler. 

​When you sign up for the preschool learning curriculum at, you'll receive:

A weekly delivery of everything you need to preschool at home that week:

  • An eight to ten minute video where I show you how to plan for the week by packing the Visual Montessori cart
  • A printable pack with activities for each of the 12 sensitive periods as outlined in Montessori
  • A planning chart that you can use to schedule your week
  • Weekly lesson plans with activities for each of the 12 sensitive periods as outlined in Montessori
  • A weekly Resource guide with ideas for books, games, and optional enrichment activities to enhance the preschool learning experience. 
  • Ongoing online support via Facebook. Preschool at home - get help online. 

​Best part of it? The First Month is FREE.