#1: How to use the Preschool Circle Time Morning Board Printables


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What You'll Discover in this Video Series:

  • Preschool Circle Time Printables
    In video #1, you'll learn how to use the Preschool Circle Time printables to teach your preschooler essential life skills like reading a face clock, basic shapes and numbers, how to track the weather, and how to read a calendar.
  • Visual Montessori Planning Charts
    Learn about the 12 Sensitive Periods as outlined in Montessori. In video #2, I'll explain how learning starts at birth; which is why if you start now you'll help your preschooler have an edge in school, and a lifetime love of learning. 
  • Preschool Assessment Charts
    But where do you start? You start with observing your preschooler. In video #3 I'll walk you through how to use the free preschool assessment charts and get started on fun learning activities with  your preschooler.
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What Others Moms Are Saying:

Kelly Nutter / Mom of 5

"The curriculum and printables completely complement the age ranges I need to cover and are absolutely fantastic – so… in a nut shell…God bless you and your family and thanks so much again for all the wonderful work and time and effort you have put into making your printables, knowledge and support available.."

Courtney / Stay-at-home Mom

"I’m pretty sure you just saved my life. As a parent of a child who is “on the border” of a state mandated age requirement to enter kindergarten, this will help prepare my preschooler for school -- whenever my child is allowed to enter. Thank you for helping this “non teacher” become a teacher."

Michelle  / MomsAreFrugal.com

"I am so happy that I found your site. I have been looking for a good lesson plan for my preschoolers, and an organization tool. You have provided both. Thank you, for sharing this info."

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